Simply Being in the Moment


A Sacred Revealing

The gift of Lockdown was something very different to what I had imagined or hoped for. My fantasy was lots of time to do things that keep...

Being Nearly but not Quite . . . . . . .

Today I ‘should’ be getting on with putting my Minister’s Manual together which has to be handed in tomorrow at my last One Spirit...

My Dad and the Wounded Masculine

This morning I was meditating and praying for an answer to a question about whether I should sign up for a training course which would...

A Jessica Moment

Earlier today I was watching a play about a man who returns home after his father died and all the strong feelings this brought up. It...

Loneliness vs Being Alone

For years I created an annual ritual about feeling alone. On the 11 December each year I would write in my journal something along the...


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Floating Hearts


My name is Louise de Caux and I am a workshop leader, spiritual counsellor, Heart Coach, weaver of magical rituals for life’s transitions and a lifelong advocate of Listening to the Call of My Heart. I am currently in training as a Student Interfaith Minister and due to be ordained in July 2019.    As I dive deeply into my spiritual training I have found a way to let go of the barriers and walls that have prevented me from being seen and this blog is a part of this process enabling me to get my voice out into the world.  I hope that it resonates with you and my invitation is to let your heart be the guide, to find more ways of listening and hearing what it says.  It will transform your life . . . . as it has mine, and continues to do so.